WindowHelper 1.5

WindowHelper is a tool that can help you manager the windows within MapInfo Professional. Some of the features in this tool are: cloning any window, storing the size and position of certain window types and the ability to restore a closed window. Compared to WindowHelper 1.3 version 1.5 has been made into a floating dockable window that also shows a list of currently open windows. You can thru this floating window work with and manage your windows.

Install WindowHelper

You install WindowHelper by downloading the file. Extract the files into a new folder or into the folder with your other MapInfo tools.

It’s not recommended to put this tool on a network drive as it is using a number of .NET resources that not easily can be run from a network drive. So make sure you put the tool on your local hard drive.

As this tool takes advantage of docking capability added in MapInfo Professional 10.5 you need to be running MapInfo Professional 10.5.2 or later to be able to use WindowHelper.

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