MapInfo Professional V11.5

  • MapInfo Professional V11.5
    With MapInfo Professional v11.5, Pitney Bowes set out to make the creation and
    intelligence sharing best location possible. With v11.5, users can benefit
    from the experience m

    ore intuitive, faster operations and the ability to mine
    insights with fewer mouse clicks. Version 11.5 facilitate organizational
    to make a “point of truth.” Users can edit the metadata of the company
    Catalogs directly in MapInfo Professional, to ensure the information is kept current.
    Repair windows browser and improve the usability and efficiency of the legend
    for users. MapInfo Professional users can now easily publish maps to the cloud
    share your analysis with colleagues or customers using MapInfo Stratus, integral
    part of the Suite MapInfo.
    Data Sorting and EditingMapInfo Professional v11.5 is the easiest-to-use version yet. Browser window
    improvements make for a more intuitive experience. A quick access toolbar in
    the user’s browser window provide more insight with fewer clicks. data sorting
    from within the browser window is also enabled. Just like using Microsoft Excel
    spreadsheet, users can now sort and filter based on attribute data. users can
    now very simply right-click a column and sort the data from A to Z or Z to A.
    Data can also quickly and easily filtered, for example, to show all
    customer, the city’s population, costs, revenues, policyholders or patients who exceed
    certain value. Users can then, for example, showing all customers whose policies
    is because in certain data ranges, or simply display the data in the name field
    which includes the text “RD.

    Legend Designer

    Other improvements to functionality including a new Legend Designer. users can
    create a custom map legend, improve readability when sharing maps to the internal and
    external audiences alike. Snap-to-grid feature ensures that the legend is easy to make
    and, when finished, can be read at a glance. Button functions on the Legend
    Designer is also new, offering easy access to zoom, grid, guidelines and other options.

    Advanced Data Management with MapInfo Manager

    Create, searchable catalog industry standard for sharing and managing company
    Direct data, improve access and avoid duplication of data. MapInfo Manager, integrated with
    MapInfo Professional version 11.5, offers these benefits:

    • Catalogs and metadata harvesting to create a single point of truth for spatial data assets.
    • Allows for updating and editing records directly from MapInfo metadata manager
    MapInfo Professional.
    • Is built on Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Catalog Service Web (CSW) standard.
    • Can be searched by PSK MapInfo Professional and other OGC-compliant

    Service applications.

    Because MapInfo Manager is part of the MapInfo Suite, all this can be achieved without ever
    leaving MapInfo Professional.

    Perform Operations with Enhanced Memory-Intensive
    64-Bit Support

    Introduced in version 11.0, MapInfo Professional handle more memory-intensive
    operations through enhanced support of 64-bit operating environment of Windows.
    MapInfo Professional addressed this issue by automatically detecting and utilize up to
    twice the memory space of the previous version. Object processing, large grid, MS Excel, and
    Raster data loading and contouring can now work with twice the amount of data without
    memory limitations or program errors. In addition, MapInfo Professional provides a good
    support for dual monitors. Download Brochure


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